12 de febrero de 2017

CASA LOEWE [Serrano 34, Madrid]

Last week I finally visited Casa Loewe, which I have been dying to do since it reopened its doors back in November. The innovative space definitely  stands out in Madrid´s retail environment and the brand´s flagship won´t leave anyone indifferent after a visit. 

The space (I can´t even dare to call it a shop, since it´s way more than that!) displays a combination of the beautiful products and amazing art pieces - mixed with traditional Spanish materials. The attention to detail is extraordinary and if you are as lucky as me to get a guided tour by one of their lovely staff members you will be totally impressed with all of them.

In the three floors and around 1000sqm you can find their leather goods, homeware, ready to wear, shoes, etc., Each of these categories located in its own little corner but with a great connection and flow between the overall space

It´s fair to say that since Jonathan Anderson joined the firm in 2013 there has been a noticeable change in both its items and the brand´s identity - which is definitely working.

Casa Loewe is a new must when visiting Madrid - but I should warn you... You can easily spend there more than two hours and you are gonna want to buy everything! 

31 de diciembre de 2016

16 amazing things that happened in 2016

I think it’s fair to say 2016 hasn’t been the best year - for me, for some  of my good friends, and we could even say that for society, showbusiness, music, arts… Therefore I was very tempted to skip my “N amazing things of 201N”. But then I realized that the fact that this year kind of sucked made focusing on the positive so important, because despite the shit  we went through I still have  at least 16 things I should be thankful for.

So here we go, one more time.

1. I had the opportunity to travel and visit some amazing places for the first time, like Marrakech or Milan.

2. There was a total baby boom around me and I couldn’t be happier.

3. Got to stay in a Soho House hotel and felt posh, rich, fab and enjoyed every single minute of it.

4. Had all my girls from home reunited in London for a weekend.

5. I went to the Harry Potter play which was so, so, SO WORH IT.

6. My uni friends and I organized a “10 year anniversary trip” and it was as fun as the good old days!

7. Had some amazing visits that made the expat life a bit easier: parents, cousin, friends.

8. I was reunited with one of my favorite people in NYC.

9. Managed to keep an important tradition: Rocky Horror Show always a must on Halloween.

10. Started a podcast, which died not long after... But will hopefully come back to life in the next year.

11. Found myself quite open minded and supportive to different revelations, news and all sorts of shocking information. Thanks youtube, the internet and all the stuff that helps with that!

12. Could enjoy a long summer holiday in Spain which help me had quite a tan and made everyone jealous back in London.

13. Opened some amazing projects at work and got some new and exciting opportunities.

14. Moved in with a bestie and found a home in London.

15. Harry Styles  was on the cover of a magazine which included an interview and a million photos of him...what else could I ask for?

16. And finally, and let me say most importantly, we had some additions to the family: our lovely and adorable niece Carmen, and Bimba &  Lolo, the cutest puppies anyone could ask for.

Here’s to an amazing 2017! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

15 de diciembre de 2016

Selfridges Accessories Hall

A few weeks ago Selfridges unveiled its new Accessories Hall - part one of the overall project which will finish in 2018. 

It was designed in collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects and the ten brands that occupy the space. 

The perfect illumination of the space and the exquisite materials are, in my opinion, what make the space so incredible beautiful.

The brands have also brought their finest concepts and the result has been amazing. Anyone who visits the space will remember Celine´s beautiful flooring or Balenciaga´s broken mirrors, among many other great details.

Customers can also take a break from the extraordinary shopping experience at The Fountain, Selfridges new concept cocktail bar (where it´s difficult to find a free spot these days!).

If you haven´t visit the space yet, do not hesitate to pay it a visit very soon. You may also find some inspiration for your Christmas list... or your wish list at least!
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